Previous Sessions

Previous sessions hosted by the Historical Geography Reading Group:


Historical Geographies Reading Group 2010-2011


Wednesday 27th October 2010         History as Creative Writing?

            Goodman, J. (2010) Editorial: history as creative writing, Rethinking History 14 (1) 1-3

            Domanska, E. (2010) A conversation with Hayden White, Rethinking History 12(1) 3-21

            Chair: William Hasty

Wednesday 24th November 2010     Why Do We Use Theory?

Harris, C. (1991) Power, Modernity and Historical Geography, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 81 (4): 671-683.

Guleke, L. and Harris, C. (1992) On ‘Power, Modernity and Historical Geography’ by Harris, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 82 pp. 312-315.

Chair: William Hasty

Wednesday 15th December              Orality in the Archive

Ogborn, M. (2011) The Power of Speech: orality, oaths and evidence in the British Atlantic World, 1650-1800, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 36 pp. 109-125.

            Chair: William Hasty

Wednesday 26th January 2011          On Not Being Able to Paint

            Field, J. (c. 1950/2010) On Not Being Able to Paint (Routledge, East Sussex).

            Milner, M. (1987) Eternity’s Sunrise: A Way of Keeping A Diary (Virago Press, London).

            Chair: Cheryl McGeachan

Wednesday 9th March 2011              Silencing the Past

Trouillot, M. (1997) Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History (Beacon Press, USA).

Chair: David Featherstone

Wednesday 27th April                                   A Droving We Will Go

Matless, D. (1993) One Man’s England: W.G. Hoskins and the English Culture of Landscape, Rural History 4 pp. 187-207.

Letters taken from A. R. B Haldane’s notebooks on ‘The Drove Roads of Scotland’, National Library of Scotland.

Chair: Richard Lowdon

Wednesday 25th May                                    Searching for Sovereignty

Benton, L. (2009) A Search for Sovereignty: Law and Geography in European Empires, 1400-1900. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.  

Chair: Lakshmi Subramanian                                                  


Wednesday 22nd June                                   Objects and the Archive     

Alberti, S. (2009) Nature and Culture: Objects, disciplines and the Manchester Museum Manchester University Press, Manchester.    

Patchett, M. (2008) ‘Tracking Tigers: Recovering the Embodied Practices of Taxidermy’, Historical Geography 36.

Chair: Cheryl McGeachan


Wednesday 28th September             Counterfactual Geographies          

Gilbert, D., Lambert, D. (2010) ‘Counterfactual geographies: worlds that might have been’, Journal of Historical Geography 36 pp. 245-252.

Chair: Isla Forsyth


Wednesday 26th October                  Filming Memories

            Footage from the Wellcome Film Archive of War Neuroses: Netley Hospital, 1917.

            Chair: Cheryl McGeachan


Wednesday 23rd November             Archival Trails

            Discussion group with Alasdair Roberts and the Tracer Trails ‘Archival Trails’ Project.

            Chair: Hayden Lorimer


Wednesday 14th December                  Caliban and the Witch

Federici, S. (2004) Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation. Autonomedia, England.

            Chair: William Hasty


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