Confirmed Calendar for 2013/14

September 27th – Jonathan Andrews (2012): Death and the dead-house in Victorian asylums: necroscopy versus mourning at the Royal Edinburgh Asylum, c. 1832-1901

October 23rd – Brady Thomas Heiner (2008): Foucault and the Black Panthers

November 27th – Simon Schaffer (2007): “On Seeing me Write”: Inscription Devices in the South Seas


January 29th – Hugh Macdonald: “Rambles around Glasgow”, 1850.

February 26th – Charles Withers (2002): Constructing ‘the geographical archive’

March 26th – Glasgow and Work Film

April – TBC

May – TBC


Previous Calendar for 2012/13

September 26th – Iain Smith (Guest speaker) – Histories of Addiction

October 24th – Sarah Britton (2010): ‘Come and see the Empire by the All Red Route!’: Anti-Imperialism and Exhibitions in Interwar Britain

November 28th – Francesca Moore (2009): Tales from the archive: methodological and ethical issues in historical geography research

December 13th – David Beel (Guest speaker) – Digital Archives

January 23rd – Michelle Caswell (2010) Khmer Rouge archives: accountability, truth, and memory in Cambodia, Archival Science 10, pp 25-44

March 7th – Fraser MacDonald (2011) Doomsday fieldwork, or, how to rescue Gaelic culture? The salvage paradigm in geography, archaeology, and folklore

March 28th – 20th Century visual archival materials: BBC documentary (1966) about St. Peter’s College.

May 16th – Anthony Iles & Tom Roberts (2012) ‘All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal Reading History from Below’


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