Black History Month – Black Internationalist Resistance to Fascism

As part of Black History Month, David Featherstone will be leading a talk on black internationalist resistance. Details below:

Black Internationalist Resistance to Fascism: African American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

African Caribbean Centre, 66 Osborne Street, Merchant City, Glasgow G1 5QH

Wednesday 3rd October, 6.30pm

This talk considers the importance of transnational black resistance to fascism, particularly in the 1930s. It examines the experiences and political outlooks of the 90 or so African Americans who volunteered to fight in Spain with the Abraham Lincoln Brigades. Drawing on the testimonies of activists such as James Yates, Oscar Hunter and Admiral Kilpatrick it examines how they connected the conflict in Spain to opposition to Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia and to struggles against racism in the United States.With the rise of the far-right in different parts of Europe in the context of economic crisis the talk considers the importance of continued struggles against fascism.

(Optional reading: David Featherstone, Solidarity: Hidden Histories and Geographies of Internationalism, Zed Books, London: 2012)


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